Episode 32 – Scouting and Mobilising Intellectual Property with Megan Steele, CGIAR

Mar 28, 2024

In this episode, I had the opportunity to talk with Megan Steele, from CGIAR Accelerate for Impact Platform. Perhaps more accurately, she spoke with me as I offered my thoughts on Scouting and Mobilising Intellectual Property.

We frame the conversation around a series of questions ‘What problem are you solving?’, ‘How can you solve this problem and create value for stakeholders?’ through to ‘What does your solution / contribution look like?’ I reflect on the phenomenon of technologies looking for problems to solve rather than starting with the problem in mind. A concept we often discuss with guests and indeed, with our partners at Spiegare, is the Value Pool and the importance of considering the breadth of partnerships needed to bring technologies into utilisation and the distribution of benefits among those Value Pool participants.

While the webinar involved some slides, I hope that the conversation and subsequent questions catalyse some thoughts around the early considerations in mobilising Intellectual Property. The webinar is also accessible as are the other related webinars from Maurice Moloney and Anne Roulin.

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