Episode 16 – Spinning It Out: The Research to Venture Journey with Dr Victor Pantano – Part 2 Highs and Lows of a Deeptech Start-up

Dec 21, 2022

About this episode

In Part 2 of our discussions with Dr Victor Pantano, co-founder and former CEO of Digitalcore and current Director of Liquid Instruments, we hear about the highs and lows of taking a deep tech start up along the journey from establishment, through market engagement, team building, growth and financing rounds to exit success.

 Building upon our last podcast with Victor, the conversation reinforces our earlier discussions around a risk balanced approach to due diligence, the importance of people and role timing has in new ventures (as we explored in our September podcast).  The dynamic external environment, the changing needs of investors and the hard yards of building business with customers are all explored in this fascinating discussion.  A must listen episode for anyone contemplating or indeed engaged in a tech start-up.

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