Episode 26 – Alt-protein and emerging growth factors with Maurice Moloney

Oct 26, 2023

In this episode, I have the great pleasure of having our first guest, Maurice Moloney, make a return appearance to revisit what’s been happening in protein over the past two years since our first discussion. Coming off the back of the International Rapeseed Congress (in September 2023), we explore the decline, or indeed collapse, of the alt-meat market and what the prospects are for it reaching its next growth phase. The role of plant sciences in supporting the alt-protein scale up, and particularly brassica species, is also explored.

We specifically reflect on the importance of ingredients in the alt-protein space and Maurice’s interest in growth factors for cellular agriculture through Core Biogenesis. We discuss the importance of a diversity of addressable markets for emerging technologies and product offerings.

The importance of alternative casein for alt-dairy markets is discussed through the lens of Miruku, where Maurice is in a science advisory role and we also reflect on the utility of safflower as an oilseed, not only for Miruku but also the role it has played from its use in the Crop Biofactories Initiative (funded by GRDC and CSIRO) and currently being commercialised by Go Resources.

Maurice shares his reflections on the challenges that plant-science can address for alt-protein and the importance of processing technologies to improve texture and mouth feel in this product category. We close our discussions reflecting on the emerging opportunities and challenges for the alt-protein market.

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