Episode 25 – The bravery to act first and leading new product commercialisation with Shona Faber

Sep 28, 2023

In this episode, my guest is Shona Faber, Non-Executive Director of ARB Corporation, previously Managing Director CRC Industries, and General Manager of Specialty Gases & Chemicals at BOC. We talk about her experiences in bringing EDN, a novel fumigant chemical, licensed from CSIRO Entomology to market in her role at BOC. In discussing the journey that unfolded in this product coming to market, we touch on risk management and managing constant change as a new chemical is shepherded through various regulatory systems to market. We also reflect on a few key moments as we look at how the relationship between the licensee and licensor unfolded, and the twists and turns associated in any post-license engagements. We also touch on the role Dravlovska has played on the journey to global product launch.

Shona shares her journey into tech transfer from the bench to the boardroom, and how her interest in customers and problem solving took her to solving complex product marketing challenges in a number of heavy industries. What really resonates is that in managing risk there also comes a bravery to act in getting things done in complex environments. We also discuss how assumptions and conditions for success are critical to establishing a shared view between partners on what are typically convoluted journeys.

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