Episode 23 – Joining the dots and the secret sauce with Cameron Hibbert

Jul 27, 2023

In this episode we had the chance to catch up with Cameron Hibbert, a long-standing colleague and friend, who has been in global licensing roles at LyondellBassell Industries and Genomatica. We talk about when I first met Cameron at Montell and his journey to Germany through carrying responsibility for technology transfer at the Geelong polypropylene production plant. We explore his experiences moving from licensee to licensor in his role with LyondellBassell Industries, taking responsibility for polyolefin licensing activities.

Cameron had somewhat of a biobased epiphany around 15 years ago as the early foundations were being poured for the global industrial biobased economy. We discuss what drew him towards Genomatica and the different licensing perspectives, from working with well-established technologies to being present for the first few licenses of the 1,4 BDO technology licensed to Novamont and, more recently, Cargill. We wrap up our chat with some reflections on why transactions don’t work out sometimes, and the importance of competencies and relationships.

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