The rise of Hopium

Episode 18 – Hydrogen, Hopium & Scale with Paul Martin – Part 1

Feb 23, 2023

About this episode

In this episode, we are delighted to have Paul Martin join us to explore the challenges of clean hydrogen scale up, the market forces, and Hopium driving current government and industry activity.

In Part 1 of our discussions with Paul, we reflect on the history of hydrogen as a fuel, which traces it way back to the 1990s, the rise of Hopium and the associated belief systems that don’t pay the attention to thermodynamics that they should! We explore the current sources and uses of hydrogen, the ‘colours of euphemisms’ and why hydrogen is good in its current use cases but generally an inappropriate compound for energy applications.

We close discussing green hydrogen in its current uses has inherent advantages being produced and then converted nearby at scale into advantaged industrial compounds.

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